Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dal ka seera


500 gm Moong dal (green)

500 gm sugar

500 gm ghee

saffron soaked in a little milk

elaichi powder

water about 250 ml.


Soak the dal for 5-6 hours.

Wash and remove the skins well.

Grind dal fine either in a stone grinder or electric grinder or mixie.

Use as little water as possible.

Put sugar and water in a pan and put to boil.

Once sugar dissolve add a few tblsp. of milk.

As the syrup boils the scum will rise.

Remove with a strain.

Further boil till the syrup become sticky between the fingers.

(One thread should fall when poured from a tilted spoon) keep aside.

Heat the ghee in a heavy kadai (vessel) and add dal.

Keep stirring rigorously to avoid burning.

Once the dal stops sticking to the vessel, stir gradually till golden brown, and ghee begins to separate.

Pour the hot syrup, add elaichi and dissolved saffron.

Stir very carefully, not allowing hand to be scalded. Cook slowly till all water is absorbed.

Decorate with chopped dry fruit.

Serve hot especially on a cold day.

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