Saturday, August 16, 2008

Indian recipe- Buttermilk soup

Buttermilk soup is an Indian Appetizer


thick butter milk
sakt rice flour-two teaspoon
ginger-a bit
cumin seeds-quarter teaspoon
curry leaves-little
take half a litre of not too sour thick butter mild. add one and a half teaspoons of salt and tow teaspoons of rice folur and mix.grind inta a paste,a small bit of ginger and quarter teaspoon of
cummin seeds and add and mix this paste also.keep ready,the cooked vegetable that is ti be used with the soup.boil the soup and the cooked vegetable and curry leaves and boil for some time and remove from fire and burst half a teaspoon of mustard in two teaspoons of oil.if liked,one teaspoon of pepper powder can also be included,while the pepper smell in buttermilk soup mightnot be palatable for certain persons it is enough if ginger,cuminseeds and salt are is a very good apptizer.

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